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How to install artificial grass

  1. Prepare the area by removing the real grass if present. Depending on the size of existing lawn, a sod cutter is a great tool for this task. Remove all debris and cap off sprinkler heads if needed.
  2. Level and smooth out the area. You may want to compact the area as well. Then add crushed granite to act as a barrier for the synthetic grass to rest on.
  3. Smooth out the crushed granite and compact it down using a cement roller. Water the granite down and compact again.
  4. Roll the synthetic lawn in place and trim in areas that it is needed. Once the lawn is set in place, then anchor it down. The lawn should come with anchors attached.
  5. Add a light layer of white sand over the synthetic lawn and use a lawn broom to smooth it out and seal the lawn. Then water the new synthetic lawn to set it in place.
  6. Cut the artificial grass turf. Measure the entire distance of the area with the measuring tape. Use the box cutter knife to cut the artificial grass according to these dimensions. It's wise to cut the artificial grass a little bigger than the area you plan to cover so that you won't accidentally leave some of the area uncovered.
  7. Attach artificial grass to the area. Make sure the artificial grass turf is stretched tight and free of ripples. Hammer in the galvanised nails in on one side of the turf, then stretch the turf out and hammer in galvanised nails on the opposite and adjacent sides.
  8. Use the rake or your hands to fluff up the grass in order for the infill to be applied between the blades.
  9. Add infill. There are several infill materials, though the most commonly used infills are made from silica sand or rubber granules. Apply the infill evenly throughout the artificial grass, either by hand or with a drop spreader.
  10. Brush in the infill with a push broom until the grass stands upright. You want to evenly brush the infill into the artificial grass so that the composition of the grass appears uniform.
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